Welcome to Tepee Strictly Rock
Tepee Rock Club
Tepee Strictly Rock Bar and Grill in Limassol Cyprus.

A beautiful and spacious rock bar restaurant like no other situated in Limassol in the heart of Yermasoyia tourist area!
We organise and hold some of the best live music rock bands in Cyprus, check the Hall of fame to see some of the live performances from bands and singers such as KATATONIA, Papakonstantinou, Stavros tou Notou, Kakepis, Aloupogiannis, Anathema, Ypogia Reymata, Active Member, Thiveos and many more....
Enjoy the music with a pint of your favorite brand of beer or try our excelent cocktails and some of the most original Mexican traditional recipes.
We welcome you!
Summertime Family 23rd April

SMTF is back to Tepee!
Join us for two hours of original indie-rock music made in Cyprus!

Entrance: 5 Euro
Show starts at 23:00